When building is your business

Commercial construction loans

Securing funding for a construction project is far from simple. Unlike buying a property, construction involves a large number of elements and stakeholders. If the management of these elements isn’t exact, you run the risk of losing money, or losing the project altogether.

Because it’s such a complicated area, getting a commercial construction loan requires expert help. We’ve worked on a wide range of commercial construction projects, and know how to manage all the elements of your construction loan.

Successful applications

Commercial construction loans are complicated because they’re high-risk, for you and the lender, so banks can be wary of lending for commercial construction. With the right project and the right loan, commercial construction can be a success.

Better deal, less hassle

We know the system, so we can help you draw up a loan application, negotiate with lenders, and get the best possible rate. It means we can make at least part of the construction process simple.

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