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Working with a financial adviser

Even if you’re just a regular Joe, dealing with your mortgages, investments, debts, bills, taxes can all get very complicated.

Our financial and investment advice starts with listening, so we can tailor our service to you. You’ll work with one of our expert financial advisers long-term, and get help sorting out financial issues or making smart money decisions to get you ahead.

Here’s why financial advice can help – even if you think you’re doing fine:

Get organised

The first job is to get your financial life in order. An adviser will help you sort through the detail of your finances, including the big stuff like your investments, insurances and goals, and the little things like what debts you have and where all your cash is going. It’s amazing how much difference a financial overhaul can make.

Stay accountable

Setting goals, taking steps, and following through on financial commitments is key to growing your wealth and getting ahead. Working with an adviser gives you a regular time slot for goal-setting and reviewing progress – making it much easier to stay accountable and on track.

Objective opinions

Many financial decisions are emotional – particularly if they’re about your job and home. It’s hard to see your own situation clearly, so your financial adviser can give you an objective outsider’s view. You can call on them to help you make sticky decisions, look into options and see alternatives.

Be proactive

Being proactive is always a good policy. With expert advice, you can prepare yourself for transitions like house buying, starting a family, and changing jobs. That way, you’re set up for success. Your adviser can also help you look for financial opportunities to help you maximise your investments.

Education counts

Financial literacy isn’t taught in schools, but it’s an essential part of adulthood. Working with an adviser gives you access to that valuable financial knowledge, which you can use to make better decisions. It means that as your wealth and investments grow, so does your expertise.

Long term partnership

Working with a financial adviser is about making your life better, so it makes sense that you’re involved. Our advisers don’t swoop in and make decisions for you. You’ll work collaboratively, so they understand your background, philosophy and financial needs, and you get more know-how in the process.

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