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Health insurance

The public health system is very good at treating urgent illnesses or accidents. But lots of health problems aren’t that serious – they might just be really uncomfortable or inconvenient. This is where health insurance comes in – it can cut wait times so you’re seen and treated as soon as possible, rather than having to wait months.

At Float, we have an inside view of the health insurance options – our brokers can help you nail down the right mix to suit you and your budget.

Speed up the system

Small problems can get worse if you leave them too long – and if you’re worried about something more serious, getting in to see a specialist quickly can save a lot of anxious waiting.
Slower treatment can also majorly affect your family and finances – you might have to take time off work or rely on family help to get by while you wait for treatment.

Stay healthier

With some policies, your health insurance can help improve your health long term, and save money too. You may get cover for preventative care – things like vision tests, flu jabs, dental check-ups, and GP visits. All those little things can add up to way better health overall.
Lots of policies will also help pay for natural therapies, which can often make all the difference, but do add up over time.

Get healthcare you need on your terms – talk to us about health insurance.

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