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We’re mortgage brokers, only better

All our mortgage brokers are also financial advisers – we get to know what you need, what you have, and what you want. That way, we don’t just make it super easy to secure the loan, we’ll know how to structure it to best suit you.

It means that whether you’re buying that first little do-up, want to add to your property empire, or need a better deal on your current mortgage, your home loan will support your long-term goals.

Rejig, rework, restructure


A home loan that worked for you five years ago won’t necessarily work forever. If your interest rate, mortgage structure or payment plan no longer fits, refinancing can help.

Refinancing involves paying off your existing home loan and taking out a new one – usually with a new lender. If you’re keen to refinance, we’ll help you choose from a range of options, then guide you through the application and transition process. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a mortgage that’s designed to suit you, not the bank.

Fix, float, or both?


When you reach the end of your fixed term, you have a decision to make – and getting it wrong could mean paying far more interest than you need to.

Most borrowers start with a fixed-rate mortgage set for 3 to 5 years. Banks will try to give you a new fixed rate, or switch you to a floating rate instead. Depending on the rates and terms offered, you could get a great deal – or you could miss out. Our re-fixing services are designed to help you choose the best option – fixed, floating, or a mix of both.

The right loan, from the start

New loan

Whether you’re buying a first home, moving to your second or buying an investment property, negotiating the right interest rate and structure for your new loan is essential – and it’s a lot of work.

So, let us do it for you. Our mortgage brokers have relationships with all the major banks and some excellent non-bank lenders means we can shop around and get you the best deal. We’ll also manage the application process – especially important if you’re less than ideal on paper. All you need to do is find the perfect property.

Negotiating for newbies

First-home buyer   

Buying a home can seem impossible at first – and not just because of the price. Lending rules, interest rates, pre-approvals, and repayments can all seem overwhelming and complicated if you haven’t done it before.

We’ll answer your questions, work out how much you can realistically borrow, and take you through the pre-approval process so you’re ready to go when you find the perfect property. We’ll make sure you get the best possible interest rate, and can even help you deal with real estate agents, solicitors, and accountants. Simple.

New home, new mortgage

Second-home buyer   

Ready for a new home, but not sure how to get there? Whether you’re looking for more space, a better location, or just a change of scenery, we can help.

The Float team can help you through the process – we’ll figure out how much you can borrow based on your current equity, sort out bridging finance if purchase and sale dates don’t quite line up, and make sure you get a great interest rate on your new mortgage.

Better rental returns

Property investors

Property investment can be more complicated than it seems – making the most of your investments means juggling multiple loans, interest rates, and lenders.
Our brokers take a big picture view of your finances to help you get the best results from your investment properties, make the right purchases, deal with renters, and decide when to sell. You’ll get the advice and guidance you need to pay off your loans more quickly, minimise interest, and make more money from your properties.

What are your property goals? Let’s get you a mortgage to suit.

Dealing with banks is hard work – you don’t need that in your life. Whether you’re buying your first property or your fourteenth, we’ll help smooth out the process.

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