Keep the cash flowing

Working capital solutions

Boosting your working capital can be a great way to get your business moving. Because you’re accessing assets that you already have, you’re not taking on new debt, just moving finance around to benefit the business. This helps you take control of your cash flow and boost your growth.

Managing your working capital can be complicated, so it’s best to seek expert advice before you jump in. With our experience in working capital solutions, we can help make your capital work harder for you.

Cash in hand

Working capital solutions mean you access your current profits to fund future growth. Short-term borrowing on the back of those profits gives you cash in hand, even if you’re waiting for invoices to be paid.

Security for loans

You may also be able to use property and equipment assets as security, rather than having large amounts of cash locked down. By using business assets, you’ll also avoid the need to ever use the family home as security.

More buying power

Working capital loans can help improve your buying power, get discounts from suppliers for early payments, take advantage of opportunities when they arise, and generally boost your turnover.

Take control of your cash flow and use your business to grow your business. Get in touch with the Float Commercial team now.