Expert help, effortless mortgages and insurance

Dealing with the banks is hard work – especially if you’re not an expert. Float takes mortgage and insurance details off your hands, so you get the best deals without the stress.

We have a team of brokers and advisers ready to work on your behalf and share their expertise. Whether you’re buying your first home, or investing in your fourteenth, a bit of specialist help can make a huge difference.

Here’s how we help

We work for you

Unlike most brokers, our team is on salary, rather than commission. This means they want to find the best deal for you, not the deal that gives them the most cash.

Deals designed for you

The best loan depends on your situation – you might need the lowest interest rate, a special structure, or specific loan conditions. Either way, we’ll find the right one.

More expertise, more information

Organising your loan or insurance is our main service, but we offer a lot more if you need it. This can mean insights into the property market, help navigating auctions and offers, and arranging bank pre-approvals.

Insider insight

Getting a loan approved can be harder than it looks. Because we know the banks’ credit policies, we can target your application to the right lender, making it more likely to be approved.

Personalised service

Our advisers tend to stick around, so you get consistent service from someone who understands your situation. If you come back to renew or restructure your loan, you’ll work with your original adviser.

Auckland Mortgage Adviser - Matt Pepper

Matthew Pepper

Mortgage Adviser
His mortgage and finance experience goes way back from banking and broking, to running his own company. It all adds up to almost 30 years in the business. Those decades of experience made Matthew into the expert broker and adviser he is today. Because he knows the products, lenders, and options out there so well, he can explain the ins and outs to almost anyone. He loves helping people into their first home, or helping them out of a sticky financial situation. Matthew believes in plain English explanations and honest, straightforward advice. That’s why he’s such a great fit for Float.

Mortgage Brokers NZ - Float Mortgages - Tina Tsui

Tina Tsui

Financial Adviser
Tina is an Authorised Financial Adviser and specialises in lending and investment – financial planning – kiwisaver and managed funds. She is dedicated to her work and passionate about helping her clients. During her prior thirteen years in banking, she was nominated twice for the Chevron award recognising her achievement in customer satisfaction. Tina had worked through numerous areas of the Bank which includes Business, Commercial, Major Corporate and Private Banking. She’s now putting all those skills to use as a Financial Adviser to help clients in all stages of their financial life. Tina aims to offer a complete package for her clients – skill, knowledge, and personalised service – whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor or a business owner. Outside of work, Tina likes to spend time with her family, her volunteer work, meeting new people and learning new things.

Jason Longo

Financial Adviser
When your clients seek you out to ask for advice years later, you know you’re doing something right. That’s what inspired Jason to start Float Mortgages and Insurance after decades in banking – he wanted to be able to help clients long term, in all stages of their financial lives. Jason started work at BNZ at the tender age of 17, and stayed for 14 years, working in accounts, personal banking, lending, and eventually senior branch management. He ended up as Head of Distribution (Northern Region) for New Zealands Westpac’s Life Insurance division after a short stint in Australia. After all this experience, he wanted to broaden his horizons, offer clients a wider range of products, and use all his financial advisory skills in one place. And that’s exactly what he does at Float. He’s an expert when it comes to the huge range of loans and lender options, but he’s also all about that personal touch. He gets to know his clients and their finances, and they trust him to find the best mortgage option and ‘Plan B’ insurance to make sure his client’s most important things are protected.

Naylon Cassidy - Float Mortgages

Naylon Cassidy

Financial Adviser
After spending over a decade in banking, Naylon realised that the impersonal, sales-focused approach wasn’t for him. He founded Float because he wanted to focus on building relationships and really looking after his clients. Naylon’s banking experience started with a part-time teller job at BNZ that slotted in around his competitive swimming career. When the swimming ended, the job continued, and he spent 12 years building his skillset in business and commercial banking. He was shoulder-tapped to move to HSBC as a corporate manager, working with a range of commercial clients. After that experience, he realised that commercial clients were seeking him out – they wanted his insight, not the bank’s – and he decided to start his own mortgage broking business. At Float, Naylon is a Financial Adviser, working with clients in all areas and all financial situations. He loves the way working independently lets him take care of people on a personal level – he’s not forced to put people into categories or send them off to other experts like he was in banking. He’s proud of the way the Float team looks after people, builds strong relationships with clients, and keeps them coming back year after year.

Geoff Christopher

Financial Adviser
Working at ANZ Bank in commercial, retail and risk management roles during the early part of his career taught Geoff a lot about finance and banking. But he wanted to know more – so he moved into management in a range of companies in the UK and New Zealand. Most recently he was CFO and CEO at the New Zealand jewellery brand, Naveya & Sloane. What all this taught Geoff is that he loves working directly with people to achieve their personal and financial goals. That’s why he fits right in with the team at Float. His client-focused approach and broad business & financial experience make him the ideal person to talk to when you’re ready to make changes with your business, your property assets, and your lifestyle in the pursuit to realise your goals.

Jess Hewitt

Marketing Manager
A true lover of the snow, Jess followed the winter for five years while teaching skiing and snowboarding around the world. During the next stage of her career she focused on marketing and design roles with brands such as Weight Watchers, Epson and Lumino The Dentists. In her six years with Lumino she managed to become Mum to three young kids while working from home as a graphic designer. As you can imagine, she’s an accomplished multi-tasker, which comes in handy at Float. Working remotely from her Taupo base, Jess brings her vibrant and energetic personality to the role of Float’s marketing and design champion – and she still finds time to get out on the ski slopes.

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